calculate the sum of n natural numbers using c program

To find the sum of N integers, we have to write a c program which using a for loop from 1 to N. In this C program we get the value of N from the scan f statement.

Now we write a for loop to find the sum of N numbers starting from 1. Initialize sum = 0 in the beginning. total Sum is added to the variable 'sum' in each iteration of the for loop, then the output is displayed at the end of the for loop.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
void main()
   	int i, N, sum = 0;
  	 printf("Enter an integer number\n");                /* prints enter the number and gets the value from user */
	 scanf ("%d", &N);
   	for (i=1; i <= N; i++)                                        /* beginning of for loop */
      		sum = sum + i;
	printf ("Sum of first %d natural numbers = %d\n", N, sum);    /* prints the sum of the numbers */
OUTPUT of C program sum of n natural numbers

Enter an integer number
Sum of first 10 natural numbers = 55


Enter an integer number
Sum of first 50 natural numbers = 1275