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History of c programming language

An array in C programming language is an identifier which is used for storing large set of data with a common name. Note that a variable can store only a single data.
Arrays are of two types:
array types in c programming

1 . One-dimensional arrays
2 . Multidimensional arrays

One dimensional arrays :

Definition: Arrays are defined like the variables with an exception that each array name must be accompanied by the size (i.e. the max number of data it can store).For a one dimensional array the size is specified in a square bracket immediately after the array`s name as shown below. In this c programming tutorial we use both types of arrays in our c programs.

Datatype array name[size];

So far, weve been declaring simple variables: the declaration int i; declares a single variable, named i, of datatype int. It is also possible to declare an array of several elements.

The declaration int a[100]; declares an array in c language( for which 100 size of memory is kept reserved for it), named a, consisting of hundred elements, each element will be of type int. in Other words , an array simply is a variable that can hold more than one value.

Examples :
int x[100];
float mark[50];
char name[30];
the declaration int x[100] allows process to creates 100 memory cells starting from x[0],x[1],x[2],………,x[99].

One-dimensional arrays initialization in C programming

int weekdays[7]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7};

Multidimensional Arrays in c language:

Miltidimensional arrays contains two portions rows and columns such as
Datatype array name[rows][column];

Multidimensional arrays initialization:
int c[2][3]={{1,3,0}, {-1,5,9}};


C Programming Modules


1 . History Of C programming Language

2 . Data Types

3 . Variables & Constants

4 . Operators & Expressions

5 . Decision Making

6 . Loops

7 . Arrays

8 . Functions

9 . Pointers

10 . String Handling

11 . File Handlings

12 . Storage Classes

13 . Preprocessing