Learn C Language Basics | Learn Computer Programming basics with examples

c programming introduction

C is mother language of all programming language. it is basic computer programming language. and procedure-oriented programming language also called mid level programming language. C programming language has a lot of features which is used by many other languages. A C program consists of a main function and several program functions. The program can also access many external functions that are contained in the header file and C library. In this c programming tutorial we explain c language.

C programming was developed by Dennis Ritchie for the UNIX operating system it was initially implemented on the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11 computer in 1972

C is a broadly useful programming language, and is utilized for composing projects as a part of numerous variant areas, for example, working frameworks, numerical processing, graphical user interfacing/applications, and many more.

It provides both “high level " programing by allowing to use decision making constructs such as loops, case statements, very vital in providing intelligence to a machine and also "low level " constructs to manipulate with device`s resources giving access to utilize every byte of its memory for example, the capacity to control bytes and locations. Here this C programming tutorial we explain all the structures in C

Computer only talks in binary language if one wants to communicate with it, all directions and information must be given to it in this structure which is called machine language. C Programming stays a standout amongst the most well known.

C Programming Advantages:

1 . C encourages Composing code that is exceptionally effective and compelling.
2 . Given us the universality of C compilers.
3 . Can be effortlessly ported to distinctive platforms. Likewise, there is a tremendous code-base of C projects available now
4 . The UNIX working framework and practically all UNIX applications are composed in the C language. C programming language has now turned into a broadly utilized proficient language due to following reasons
5 . Easy to learn
6 . structured language
7 . It produces effective projects.
8 . It can deal with low-level exercises.
9 . compilers variety and compatibility


C Programming Modules


1 . History Of C programming Language

2 . Data Types

3 . Variables & Constants

4 . Operators & Expressions

5 . Decision Making

6 . Loops

7 . Arrays

8 . Functions

9 . Pointers

10 . String Handling

11 . File Handlings

12 . Storage Classes

13 . Preprocessing